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Conventional building projects often run over budget and off schedule. With pre-fabricated panels, we can tell you how long it will take and what it will cost.

Digital Modeling

All of our projects are designed using CAD software, allowing us to "speak the language" with you and your trade partners, reducing the costly mistakes that are often found with on site construction.

Pre Fabricated Panels

Currently we’re offering our Standard Plus panel; a structural, wood framed panel, densely packed with recycled cellulose insulation for an R-Value of 48.

We utilize the advanced line of building membranes and adhesive tapes from Pro Clima. This helps us achieve the high levels of air tightness and breathability from our panels, so you can be confident the building will perform to your standards at delivery and throughout decades to come.

Our Standard Plus Panel

With a conventional wood frame structure and the Intello™ air/vapour retarder visible from the interior, both building inspectors and trades people can work as normal, with no learning curve or obstacles. This is the “ Standard” part of our panel.

Our Standard Plus panel has a 12” exterior insulation cavity, but can be outfitted with varying depths to accommodate your project goals. This is the “ Plus”part of our panel.
To close things up, the vertical strapping layer holds our WRB membrane, Mento Plus, in place, outside of the densely packed cellulose insulation. The horizontal layer of strapping can be added to compete your ventilated rain screen, or can be left off, depending on your choice of exterior cladding.

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