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Eco Friendly. Affordable. Modern.

High performance homes are the future of residential building.

" If the world is to meet a carbon budget that keeps the average global surface temperature from increasing more than 2 degrees celcius, each individual has to emit no more than 2.1 metric tons of carbon per year."

Less is More

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that saving energy is good for our planet and your pocket. With our panel system, you can build an extremely high performance home, that uses nearly no energy to heat or cool and does it using all natural materials. With our super insulated and air tight wall panels, you can save money on your monthly utility bills and use those savings to build equity in your home.

First Steps

Typically, the first step for our clients is to work with an architect or designer to develop a floor plan. If you plan to use our panel system, please contact us to learn more about building with our panels. Its important to include Simple Life Homes, your builder and your architect during the design phase of your project to ensure everyone has the information they need to build with our Standard Plus pre-fab panels. So start dreaming and get in touch!

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