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Pre-Fabricated Panels for High Performance Buildings.


Typical construction materials are often filled with chemicals, that can be hazardous to our health. Our panels are built from materials that are free of toxic chemicals, so you don’t have to think twice about your family’s health.


Conventional buildings are leaky, causing uncomfortable drafts and cold spots. Our panels are specifically designed to eliminate any leaks in the building, so you’ll always feel comfortable.


We often hear that going green is “too expensive”. We’ve worked hard to change that, so you can go green without going overboard.

The Simple Life Process

We're always improving our process to ensure your project is on time, on budget, and generates the best results possible.
"Our homes always begin with good design."

All of our projects begin in CAD software, where the building is built virtually in 3D. We use this 3D model to communicate with the architect or designer on all the details that will make the project go smoothly and break the building down into panels that we build in house.

"Measure twice, cut once."

Once the design is complete, we “Stress test” the building using the worlds most rigorous energy modelling software called Passive House Planning Package or PHPP. Its here that we determine how much energy the building will use to operate, and can then make the most economical decisions on construction details like how much insulation to use.

"Pre-Fab by builders, for builders."

After the design and energy modelling is complete we then divide the virtual building envelope into sections or "panels". Using the drawings generated from the 3D model, the panels are built by our team to the exact dimensions needed. Building inside of a controlled environment allows us to build much quicker then on site, while reaching higher levels of precision and performance. This is the key to affordable, high performance buildings.

"Speed & efficiency is key."

Once your general contractor has the foundation ready, we ship the panels to site to be assembled. This usually takes between 1-5 days for a typical single family home. After the shell is assembled, the panel connections are sealed airtight. We then pass the project onto you or your general contractor, where the finishing can begin!

"The proof is in the pudding."

If your project is aiming for a LEED, Net Zero or Passive House certification, a blower door test can be done to confirm the building envelope is air tight and will operate as designed! Your building is now move in ready for years of low cost, clean and green living.

Our Process:

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