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Pre-Fab Made For Builders, By Builders.

Stay on schedule and on budget, while providing a superior home for your clients

High Performance Pre Fab
Panels for Contractors

Pre-fab panels will increase your production so you can deliver more projects. We help reduce your on site time by delivering pre-fabricated panels as soon as the foundation is ready. There's no need to retrain your team, slow for weather, or worry about costly mistakes. Stay ahead of the pack by having your project closed in, in under a week from a finished floor deck. Once installed, you can rest easy knowing you’ve delivered the highest performing building envelope on the market

Faster Production

It’s like being in two places at once. We build the panels for your project, while your team prep’s the foundation. As soon as the foundation is ready, the panels are delivered and by the end of the week, your team can begin closing up.

No Weather No Worries

Don’t worry about the weather. We build the panels with transportation in mind so you can leave the panels on site, even if the weather isn’t co-operating. All of the membranes are certified by the manufacturer for weather exposure for up to 3 months during construction, leaving your team plenty of time to seal up the building and begin cladding the exterior.

Less is More

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that saving energy is good for our planet and your pocket. With our panel system, you can build an extremely high performance home, that uses nearly no energy to heat or cool and does it using all natural materials. With our super insulated and air tight wall panels, your clients cost of home ownership is reduced, by saving on monthly utility bills.

Build Faster with our Standard Plus Pre-Fab Panels

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