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We design and build custom prefabricated building panels at our facility in Ontario,Canada.

Our panels are pre-insulated, air sealed and designed for sustainable, high-performance and carbon conscious buildings. Our aim is to achieve standards such as Passive House, Net-Zero, Living Building challenge or similar.

Simple Life Homes prefab panels are manufactured using semi-automated equipment operated by our own carpenters to produce precise building elements. Our in-house QC program assures panels are built to stringent tolerances. High performance windows and doors can be supplied for on site installation.

We Work in Two Ways:


SLH Design + Shell Package

Work with our team (IDP):
  • Full set of construction plans ready for permitting
  • Energy modelling (Passive House, PHIUS, Net Zero and others)
  • Mechanical specification
  • Window & Door specification
  • Prefab building enclosure built and supplied to site
    (Installed by one of our partners or a qualified builder)

Integrated Design Process (IDP)

Clients should contact Simple Life Homes before beginning a project, or as early in the design phase as possible whether it’s designed in-house or not.  Working with our design time, using our standard details and collaborating with consultants, will set the project up on a viable, more efficient path right from the beginning.  This will lead to more accurate estimates and lessen the need for change orders which affect the construction budget.

BYOP + Shell Package

 Work with your own Architect to draw plans, using the SLH recommended design guide lines.
  • Concept drawings are supplied by the Architect to SLH for budget estimates
  • Please submit plans for review to info@simplelifehomes.ca. It is highly recommended you do this in the early stages of the conceptual design phase.
  •  * Simple Life Homes provides initial budget estimates based on plans provided. (Floor plans & Elevations required)

SLH building enclosures are made up of three systems: Floor Panels, Wall Panels and Roof Panels.

* SLH can provide high performance windows and doors upon request

Wall Panel System

  • Interior Finish – By others
  • Structural Wall & Service Cavity – 2x4 OR 2x6
  • Structural Sheathing & Air/Vapor Control Layer – 5/8” FSC Plywood (1/2” optional)
  • I-Joist Insulation Cavity 9 ½” standard (9 ½”- 11 7/8”) 
  • Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation (3.5-4 lbs/cubic ft.) 
  • Wood Fibre Insulation (1/2” & 1 ½”)
  • Weather Resistive Barrier
  • Ventilated Rain Screen Strapping
  • *Typ. Wall Panels are 10’ tall or less, no longer than 16’. Panels stackable for multiple storeys.

Roof Panel System

  • Interior Finish
  • Service Cavity
  • Sheathing & Air/Vapour Control Layer
  • Structural I Joist & Insulation Cavity
  • Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation
  • Wood Fibre Insulation
  • Weather Resistive Barrier
  • Ventilation Cavity
  • Roof Decking/Strapping (By Others)
  • *Typ. Roof panels are 8’ wide and 20’ in length. Dormers available.

The Process:

Budget Estimate

*Based on Concept Drawing

Estimate the cost of the
panelized shell early in your project

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Ordering Panels

Client agrees to the estimate and final detailing of the 3D model is completed to provide a fixed price contract

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Shipping & Delivery

Available in Ontario
(Contact SLH for projects outside of the province)

Client is notified that production is complete
Final payment is received, and transportation is organized by SLH

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Apx. 2-7 days

Our install partner, or a qualified builder erects the panels and structural components and finalizes the install with air sealing details

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Rough-ins + Finishing

*Varies Based on Scope

Once the SLH building enclosure is installed, the project is handed off to your local builder where the interior and exterior work can can be completed

*Note: Most clients need time to secure construction financing. This usually occurs somewhere during the Architectural design phase, as lenders require a basic set of building plans. Simple Life Homes does not build modular homes, we build prefab panelized homes. No special financing is required for our packages.

We are committed to having a positive impact on the environment and pride ourselves in building the healthiest homes on the market, with a simple solution that allows every project to reduce their carbon footprint from day one, and over the entire life of the building.
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