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Revolutionize Your Projects with Our Prefab Solutions. Efficiency Redefined, Returns Maximized.

As builders we know

Every project is a chance to showcase your expertise and achieve new milestones

Understanding the stakes of planning a fail-proof project, we bring to the table our robust experience of over 30 successful prefab projects in the past five years, ensuring you can proceed with confidence that your project is set for success.

We do the heavy lifting

What’s Provided?

Simple Life Homes provides the entire building enclosure package and super structure. Our formula is optimized for development of multi-family residential and affordable housing units as we strive for the most efficient lifetime of your build while encompassing the least amount of time and labour into the manufacturing process.


Proven Solutions

Our pre designed multi-family buildings not only save you time and money but also deliver proven results. Experience less hassle, reduced risk, and lower cost.


High Quality Assemblies

In our off-site manufacturing facilities we employ cutting-edge processes to ensure swift production and performance at passive house levels, guaranteeing top-tier quality.


Reduced Timelines

Our detailed system allows for rapid installations, ensuring energy-efficient results without costly delays and weatherproofing measures.

Time is money

Streamline Your Development


Get your questions answered and align our system with your project goals during our initial discussion.


Utilize our proven system to expedite your project and resolve potential issues before production begins.


We construct your project enclosure in our specialized manufacturing facilities, ensuring high-quality and timely delivery.


You install your building swiftly, transitioning from foundation to airtight and weathertight conditions in a matter of days.

What to expect

Standard features

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Airtight and Insulated

Our buildings adhere to passive house standards, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency, increasing property value, and minimizing operating costs.

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Proven Designs

Benefit from our optimized prefab designs, streamlining the building process for time and cost savings while maintaining reliable, high-quality results.

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Rapid Installation

Our skilled team ensures swift, airtight, and weathertight construction, minimizing costly weather and site delays.

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Healthy Materials

Foster wellness and vitality with our selection of health-focused materials.

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Accurate Pricing

Meticulous planning provides precise project costs upfront, enabling effective budgeting and eliminating financial surprises.

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Easy Financing

Gain instant access to funding opportunities such as CMHCs MLI Select, simplifying the building process and enhancing your project’s profitability.

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Low Environmental Impact

Our approach reduces carbon emissions during construction and operation, aligning with environmental and financial responsibility.

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Offsite Construction

Experience the advantages of our controlled manufacturing environment, delivering superior quality and cost savings.

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Seamless Installation

Our panels are designed to fit seamlessly together for ease of construction and installation by a local build partner.